Quality Management System

ISO 9001 Certification Quality Management

ATLAS works with companies across Australia, helping them achieve ISO 9001 certification. From Adelaide to Brisbane, Melbourne to Perth and beyond, we work with your business to ensure effective Quality Management Systems are in place.

This level of certification is an independent confirmation that you have an effective ISO9001 Quality Management System in place that enables  you to identify, understand and ensure that you meet customer and regulatory requirements. As such, it is a very powerful marketing tool towards your prospect clients (and often a requirement to even qualify as a supplier to their business). Contact ATLAS to find out more about how we can help your company with getting ISO 9001 accreditation.

The Advantages of ISO9001 Certification

This kind of accreditation also offers huge advantages within your own organisation. Certified organisations typically report benefits including: improved process efficiency, reduction of waste, increased customer satisfaction & loyalty and last but not least: staff is generally happier in a certified organisation (if you manage to avoid making the QMS too cumbersome that is… but we can help you getting it right!!)

The standard is part of the new family of ISO standards, all set up in a very similar way, to facilitate seamless integration of various types of Management Systems. The underlying principle is often referred to as Plan-Do-Check-Act and the requirements of the standard basically drive an organisation towards embedding these principles into the way they manage the organisation and its processes.

How to Achieve this Certification

The key to successful implementation of a compliant Quality Management System to this standard always comes down to understanding these underlying principles. Once the understanding is there, the actual requirements of the Standard are far less daunting and actually make a lot of sense.