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ISO 9001 Quality Management

Having a certified quality management systemthatgives yourcustomers the reassurance that you will be ableto meet their expectations andcomply with all relevantregulatory requirementsis essential for businessesof all sizes and across all industries.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) developed ISO9001 to do exactly that. It is the single most recognised Standard for Quality Management Systems in the world.The Standard for ISO 9001 Certificationhas been regularly revised since 1987 and has become anessentialpart of pre-qualification and tender processestoday. Many organisations and Government Departments use this Standardto ensure their suppliers and contractors have a reliable and independently verified Quality ManagementSystem in place.

About ISO 9001 Certification

ISOStandards, including ISO9001:2015 (AS/NZS/ISO9001:2016) have been developed to demonstrate an organisation has processes in place to ensure consistent and compliant outcomes. The Standards can be used across all industries and leave organisations with the freedom to make their own choices, provided that certain considerations have beenmade and relevant Risks have been assessed.ISO9001 Certification provides confidence to stakeholders that a business is ableto meet all regulatory requirementsand complianceobligations. The Standards also drive continual improvement of processes, by setting clear objectives, measuring and analysing results and identify weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

WhilstISO certificationsare universally recognised and often specified as a requirement for pre-qualification or tendering, businesses across Australia and New Zealand do not only benefit from increased commercial opportunities, but also identify ways to improve their processes and save on costs and wastage.

ISO 9001–The Most Recognised Quality Management System Standard

This Standard assists you in building the proper framework for an effective quality managementsystem in yourbusinessandto meet the expectations of your clients and otherstakeholders.Being Certified by an JAS-ANZ-accredited Certification Body such as ATLAS Certification isa tangible recognition of your commitment to excellence and enables you to expand your opportunities as a business.

We Provide ISO9001 with JAS-ANZAccreditation

Our Auditors are highly skilled professionals with a thorough understanding of what it is to run a business. Our approach is not to look for non-compliances but rather for evidence of the processes you have in place and their effectiveness. We do thisunder Accreditation of JAS-ANZ, the Government appointed body tasked with safeguarding and protecting the professionalism, integrity and impartiality of ISO-Certifications in Australia and New Zealand.

ISO 9001certificationis NOT aboutupdating your policiesand procedures.It is about understanding your own business. Determining what you want to achieve or have to comply with;developing a framework that enables you to do so;monitoring and analysing your performance;and making changes where resultsare not what you expected or where other opportunities for improvement are identified.

Our role is simply to verify thatthatstructure is in place and is enabling you to achieve intended results and continue to improve your processes and results.

Working with the team at ATLAS Certificationwill deliver more than just your ISO 9001 accreditation–it will improve your business operations, enhance your customer satisfaction and open doors to new opportunities.

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How to Achieve this Certification

The key to successful implementation of a compliant Quality Management System to this standard always comes down to understanding these underlying principles. Once the understanding is there, the actual requirements of the Standard are far less daunting and actually make a lot of sense.

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