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Providing ISO Certifications & ISO Accreditations Australia Wide

We are a JAS-ANZ accredited, Australian provider of ISO certification services for Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems to businesses anywhere in Australia.

We service clients in many different industries and in all parts of Australia; city, country and outback. From Sydney & Brisbane to Perth; from Tasmania, Melbourne & Adelaide to Karratha, Darwin, Cairns and anywhere in between.

Achieving ISO certification is increasingly important for all businesses and organisations to achieve compliance, inspire confidence and improve business operations across the board.

Our team at ATLAS Certification can guide you through the Certification process, clearly explaining every step along the way, and add a lot of value along the way.

At ATLAS, we have a no-nonsense approach to ISO certification audits, focusing on your company, your needs and your Management System to ensure you get as much value out of the process as possible.

An Experienced Team that Cares About Your Business

Our experienced auditors do not just audit your business but also provide value-adding feedback, helping you to further improve your Management System and to achieve (or maintain) your ISO accreditation.

In dealing with its clients, our team has built an excellent track record for Customer Service and has managed to maintain a truly exceptional level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Combined with our competitive, affordable certification and audit fees, it is no wonder more and more organisations turn to us as their body of choice.


ISO Certification is the correct terminology (but often referred to as ISO Accreditation) and means that an organisation has been independently assessed for compliance with the requirements of the relevant ISO-standard set by the ISO Organisation.

Over 20 million businesses worldwide are ISO certified. The most common Certifications are:

  • ISO9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems
  • ISO14001:2015 – Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO45001:2018 – Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

Certification to these standards gives interested parties confidence they are dealing with an organisation that has verified processes in place that are designed to meet the relevant criteria, whether these are Quality, Safety or Environmental related. The fact that an independent and qualified auditor has reviewed these processes for compliance with the international ISO-standards, gives an additional layer of confidence that the certified organisation is able to deliver as required/ expected.

ISO Standards are universally recognised. Certification to these Standards issued by ATLAS Certification are accepted globally.


Requirements for organisations to be certified continue to increase. Often, in particular in certain industries, it is a pre-requisite for being considered as a potential supplier to governments and other organisations. Many businesses also choose to develop Management Systems as a recognised way of continually improving their Quality, Safety and/or Environmental performance.

Besides driving better performance, improving productivity and growing customer trust, ISO Certification will provide a range of other benefits for small and medium sized businesses, including:

  • Reduction in operational expenses and costs of inefficiencies
  • Identify and effectively control risks
  • Identify and benefit from opportunities 
  • Reduce of wastage through better process controls
  • Less Environmental spillage and wastage
  • Improved Safety culture within organisations
  • More effective communication processes, internal and external
  • Better control over subcontractors and suppliers
  • Commercial opportunities and tenders
  • Better customer experience
  • Improved staff satisfaction and retention
  • Reach a global audience

Once an organisation is Certified, Surveillance Audits are typically conducted at least once every twelve months, to monitor progress and to ensure the Management System continues to be used as required. Surveillance Audits are not full system audits, but only look at certain key-elements of the Management System.

Every three years, a Re-Certification Audit is required. Although not significantly different from Surveillance Audits, Re-Certification Audits (or Triennial Audits) are comprehensive and include assessment against all requirements of the relevant Standard.

Our approach to auditing will not only turn your business into a ‘certified organisation’ which is universally recognised and accepted, our auditors and their focus on your business will also assist you in identifying opportunities for improvement.

Good Audits by competent and experienced auditors will add a lot of value to most businesses and at ATLAS Certification we have made it our goal to always ensure customer satisfaction and benefit beyond ‘just’ the Certificate. 


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