ATLAS Certification

We are an Australian owned and operated company, providing independent certification to all kinds of businesses. We specialise in the Certification of small-to-medium sized enterprises (SME’s), but are also capable of servicing larger organisations.

Our head-office is based in Adelaide, with ‘local’ offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth and Auckland, from which we service clients all over Australia and New Zealand.

Our mission

Our Mission is to offer the best service for the best possible price, providing unbeatable value-for-money whilst safeguarding the integrity of certification.

Our team of auditors possess a collective experience of many decades in pretty much any type of industry you can think of and covering all five continents of the world. At the same time, despite all the experience, we are always happy to learn new things and certainly do not pretend to know everything.

Why choose ATLAS Certification?


Well it is actually quite simple… because we really love what we do!!!

We are privileged to get a look behind the scenes of many unique businesses in many different industries all across this beautiful country, and to spend time with interesting people who are keen to take the next step to move their business forward.

And because we love what we do, we don’t mind going the extra mile when providing our services and where necessary spending a bit of extra time on clients who need a bit more help to get there.

Many years of auditing, certification and accreditation experience have shown us that the Management System principles, which form the basis of the ISO9001, ISO14001, AS/NZS4801 standards, actually really work!

We understand that for many of our clients the prospect of having to go through the certification process can initially be somewhat daunting. But with the right feedback and guidance from our team, everyone will be able to ‘get there’ in the end.

That is why we consider it an honour to assist our clients in their journey through this process and to see them transform and continually improve their businesses over the years.

And, our fees are very competitive and amongst the lowest in the country And finally, also very important: our fees are very competitive and will save you hundreds (or often thousands) in comparison with the fees charged by the big, ‘international’ Certification Bodies.


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Accredition Experience

Our team of Auditors have worked all over the world in every type of industry you can imagine. Every Auditor that works for ATLAS Certification has completed formal lead auditor training and has many years of experience in Auditing a wide variety of businesses, from large to very small. Many have also owned and/or managed their own businesses so they understand what it is like to run a business and to juggle all the various responsibilities and challenges that come with it

ATLAS Certification auditors are the best professionals around and all have had officially recognised IRCA (International Register for Certificated Auditors) or Exemplar Global training and/or registration.

What People Say

“The audit results were constructive and relevant to a small business like ours. Having dealt with several other certification companies it has been refreshing to work with people who understand small business and are providing constructive, realistic feedback”

Melbourne, VIC 3000

“When we had to select our certifiers we first looked at the big international providers but quickly found that their response to our enquiries was slow and on top of that they wanted to charge ridiculous money. It was a leap of faith to go with ATLAS Certification, but we are very happy with the choice we made. We highly recommend them to whoever is looking for a reliable, down-to-earth certifier.”